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Mind Over Matter

LEGENDARY (They Are Billions Mod)

Click here to download Legendary-2020-0326

After downloading the above file, open the zip file and copy the zxrules.dat file into your game folder. Typically located at C:/steam/steamapps/common/theyarebillions. Click okay to replace the old one. You can rename the original zxrules.dat file to something like zxrule_old.dat if you want to restore it later. Or you can use the repair option in Steam to revert back to the original file.

This mod is mainly for doing custom maps. The shocking tower is more powerful, it is researched in the Foundry now. With one major economic exception, all mayor mods are now military mods that will greatly enhance your offense or defense (while also increasing their cost). You will still need a powerful economy to afford them. However, this will potentially allow denser offenses/defenses, so you will have more options for the custom maps. Command Center storage, health, and energy radius has been upgraded.

Level 1 Mayors

Level 2 Mayors

Level 3 Mayors

Level 4 Mayors