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Hello, welcome to my website: MotelMaya.com
The purpose of this site is to make my work available to the public. It includes games that I have released for the PC, cryptocurrency projects (mostly wallets) that I have helped to develop, and a few articles on practical metaphysics.

I love designing and programming computer games. I learned about boolian logic when I was about 10 years old. Later, I learned about the theory of programming when I was about 12 years old, but never had a chance to actual do some programming till I was 19 when I gained access to a TRS-80. Later (around 1982), I manage to buy a VIC-20 and then a Commodore 64. I wrote several games using 6502 machine code for these, but nothing really worth publishing. Next (around 1985) I owned an Atari ST, which I had 3 published games. The first was a chess game published in Compute! magazine , followed in a subsequent issue by a version of my TAC5 game. I received a reasonable flat payment (around $1500 and $500) for these games. Later, I programmed a 2 player game called "Mystic Mirror", which was rewritten as a one player game called "Daymare". These were self-published and I probably earned less than a $100 with these two games. They were fairly popular as shareware though, with articles in several European magazines. Later, I started a game called "Daymare 2" for the Atari ST.

With the decline of the Atari ST by 1990, I decide to sell it and get my hands on a PC. I ported some game code over to it, rewriting it in 8088 assembly for the DOS operating system. I even converted the older Daymare 1 as practice in 8088 coding. These two games ran fine on the few machines I found to test them on, but reports from various sources showed all sorts of problems on different brands of machines running DOS or Windows. I didn't have the resources to deal with these type of problems and lost interest in computer games for a while.

Eventually, the siren call of building games came back to me. My first game for Windows OS was a game called TAC5 and it works perfect. It is a cute little game that I have always loved and makes great practice for learning a new OS. Check it out here!
Strangely enough, the new XP operating system by Microsoft fixed all of the hardware incompatibilities with the last Daymare game. Close to 10 years after I wrote the game, it started working perfectly on any computer with Windows XP. Of course, by this time, the game was dated with obsolete graphics.

So what does the future hold? I have spent the last couple decades just basically surviving, the first decade without a computer and the next without the time to make games. However, things are getting a bit better in my life and I should start having more free time. It is my hope to begin making some games again. I plan to start with some easy games to rebuild my skills, then hopefully, moving on to more challenging and exciting games. Most of my programming is in C using a top down approach. For graphics, I am using OpenGL and FreeGlut.

As for those new portable devices, I will leave that to the younger generation for now.

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