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Starcraft Mod: H.P. Lovecraft


Lovecraft - Part 1

Amongst old ruins, the three races discovered many seals. The ancient writings spoke about containing the old ones. However, the Protoss heard whispers amongst the crystals lining the seals and they sought their arcane energies for themselves. The zerg sensed new life forms and hungered to assimilate their alien DNA. The terrans were forever curious and thought they could harness the power the old ones for themselves. No one is sure who opened the first seal, but the consequences were disasterous. Join their battles and experience their many horrors.

Emanations of Cthulhu - Know your enemies

Ooze Biter: Small slow moving creatures, easy to kill
Ooze Spitter: Slow, acid spit attack
Death Claw: Fast, can jump up walls, rapid regeneration
Death Mist: Slow but can levitate up walls, invisible with detection, high damage
Death Maar: Slow, melee, high Damage, tough to kill
Acid Wasp: Flying, acid debuff attack, very dangerous in high numbers
MAARGOTH (hero): Slow tentacled monstrosity, very tough, high damage
SPORE LORD (hero): It may look feeble, but this creature has a powerful death aura that disintegrate all matter
SLIME LORD (hero): Has an attack that can turn it's victim into a pile of goo that dissolves matter
YOG-SOTHOTH (hero): The most dangerous of the nether lords, long range attacks, tough to kill, rapid regeneration

All Races

Minerals & Vespene set to 10k each
Worker build time reduced
Vespene harvest set to 5 units per trip
Hero units are immune to infestor parasitic domination, fungal growth, Dehaka drag

Protoss Improvements

Main improvements are around shield regeneration
Structures regenerate 10% (no delay) per second
Units regenerate 10% (2.5 second delay) per second
Hero shields regenerate 10% per second (no delay)
Mothership cost (5000/5000) with following upgrades:
1000 pt shields with 100/sec regeneration, greatly enhanced weapon, 24 vision, radar, detection
Thermal lance upgrade adds 1 to photon cannon range
Zealot charge (cost 400/400) adds +6 to psi blade damage and doubles attack speed
Colossus thermal lance range upgrade (cost:300/300) also +10 to damage
Observer - Gravitic Booster increase sight range to 24
All weapon upgrades are cumulative now,(+2 level= +3 damage, +3 level= +6 damage) Weapon upgrades cost is now (100/100)(350/350)(750/750)
Ground Weapon upgrades increase photon cannon damage (+2/+6/+12) total
Blink upgrade includes dark templar


Many new units available, including the M.D.L.D. (Mobile Dracken Laser Drill)
Planetary Fortress has radar, upgraded weapon
Battlecruiser has more firepower, regenerating metal, detection, sight 16,cost 1200/2400
Marine Shields +2 Armor, +25 Health, affects marines & war pigs
Marine weapon upgrades add bonus damage now (varies with units)
Neosteel frame will double space in bunker, +2 range
Mercenary compound allows for better units with super fast build times


Kerri unit, a clone of Kerrigan, is available with Hive building
Regeneration improvements, especially on creep
Infestors have neural domination (permanent), hero units immune
Hive cost more and is a lot tougher
Queens heal faster on creep
Zergling metabolic boost increases their regeneration slightly
Zergling adrenal glands add +8 damage, double attack speed, cost (800/800)
Overseers now have infested human
Pneumatize Carapace, cost (200/200) also increases sight range
Flyer attack upgrades now cost (100/100), (300/300), (600/600) due to Beholder
Chitinous Plating, now cost (500/500), faster regeneration & better armor for aberrations, ultralisks, spine crawlers, and spore crawlers

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Jaime Warlock - Last update: Dec 10, 2014